13/06/2019 ― 28/07/2019
De Annex
Meikoel 3
The Netherlands

A word starting with an A translated to a word starting with a Z, 2018
Exhibition text

Lawrence Weiner is your alphabet's sixth letter, 2018
Artist booklet

, 2018

Participating in the exhibition as Raniero, 2018

I once met an Italian woman.
At our introduction she could not pronounce my name, so she translated it.
And I listened.
I was now using two separate names that were the same.
An expansion, as I now had more options, but on the other hand a reduction.
Like one person divided over two names.

Invitation, ads, poster, pamphlet, window lettering

Playing Possum, 2017
Conversation in Museum van Bommel van Dam on 08-08-2017

I never meant to kill David Bowie. Perhaps I had done more than just use his song-title in an artwork the week prior to his death. It was only an accident. (Where are we now? - The great gig in the sky), 2016
Used make-up tissue in plexiglass vitrine

Houses o' the Risin' Sun, 2017
Song lyrics on paper (edition 12)